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Forum on Industrial Internet and 5G Opened in Qingdao

The Forum on Industrial Internet and 5G Innovation Development, which is part of the 22nd Annual Meeting of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), opened in Qingdao on August 12, 2020.


This Forum is co-sponsored by China Association for Science and Technology and Shandong Province Municipal Government, co-organized by Chinese Association of Automation (CAA), Qingdao Municipal People's Government, and organized by the Shandong Association of Automation, the Qingdao Association for Science and Technology and the Qingdao Academy of Intelligent Industries.


Chen Jiming, Professor of Zhejiang University, presided over the first half of the Forum.


Welcome speech by Zheng Nanning, President of CAA and Academician of CAE


Speech by Geng Tao, Vice Mayor of Qingdao Municipal People's Government


Speech by Wang Chenghong, Vice President of Chinese Association of Automation


Speech by Wang Feiyue, Chief Supervisor of CAA, Dean of Qingdao Academy of Intelligent Industries, Researcher of Institute of Automation of CAS



At the opening ceremony, Vice President Wang Chenghong, on behalf of CAA, announced major scientific issues and engineering technical problems in the field of automation in 2020.

CAA officially took the lead in the establishment of the "New Generation Information Technology Service Group" in March this year. On the occasion of this Forum, CAA signed a framework cooperation agreement with Qingdao Association for Science and Technology, Pingdu Municipal People's Government and Zaozhuang Association for Science and Technology to help local economic development.


Cyber-Resilient Intelligent Transport Systems” by Ljubo Vlacic, Professor of Griffith University's Institute for Integrated & Intelligent Systems



Brief Introduction of DUCG General Practice Clinical Auxiliary Diagnosis System” by Zhang Qin, CPPCC National Committee member, Academician of INEA, Fellow of CAAI



"Industrial IoT: From Data Interoperability to Knowledge Collaboration" by Zhang Jun, Professor of Wuhan University


"Industrial Internet Instrument Service Platform Helps Total Quality Improvement" by Jing Shudian, President of Jinan Continental Electromechanical Co., Ltd



Zhang Jun, Professor of Wuhan University, presided over the second half of the Forum.


"5G Enabling Industrial Internet" by Zhang Haixia, Professor of the School of Control Science and Engineering of Shandong University


"Industrial Software, Industrial Internet and Intelligent Manufacturing" by Sun Weijie, Vice President of CODESYS Group


"5G Empowers Manufacturing, Intelligence Leads the Future" by Professor Li Jianyuan, Expert of 5G of China Mobile Group Design Institute Co., Ltd.


"Industrial Internet Supports the Transformation and Upgrading of the Manufacturing Industry" by Zhang Hualiang, Researcher of SIACAS



"Progress and Prospects for Standardization of the Digital Twin" by Duan Haibo, Senior Engineer of Pera Global Science and Technology Co. Ltd.




"On Forty Years Relationship with Chinese Scholars In Systems and Control Engineering" by Mohamed Najim, Honorary Professor of University &ENSEIRB-Matmeca, Bordeaux, France



The Industrial Internet is the product of the in-depth integration of a new generation of information technology and modern industrial technology. It is an important carrier of digitalization, networking and intelligence in the manufacturing industry, and it is also the commanding height of a new round of global industrial competition. The Forum focuses on the research on key technologies and applications of the Industrial Internet, aiming to strengthen the exchanges and cooperation and collaborative innovation of the Industrial Internet, display the achievements China made in Industrial Internet in an all-round manner, and contribute to the high-quality development in industry.




Source: CAA Secretariat