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Chinese Association of Automation (or CAA, for short) is one of the earliest state-level academic mass organizations in China. It is a National corporate social organization formed by individuals and units nationwide engaged in scientific research, teaching, development, production and application of automation and related technologies voluntary. This association was registered and established according to law, and has the characteristics of technicality, public welfare and science popularization. It is an integral part of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology and an important social force for the development of China's automation technology. In 1956, more than 60 years ago, in order to meet the visionary outline of China's science and technology development in the past twelve years, under the care of Premier Zhou Enlai and the initiative of Qian Xuesen, Shen Shangxian, Zhong Shimo, Lu Yuanjiu, Lang Shijun and other predecessor of China's automation industry, after the deliberation of relevant state departments and the agreement of the National Science Federation, 29 people, including Qian Xuesen, found the preparatory Committee of Chinese Association of Automation in May 1957. November 27, 1961, the 1st National Conference of Chinese Association of Automation was held in Tianjin. This conference officially announced the establishment of this association, and Qian Xuesen was elected as the Chairman of the 1st council of it. The Association's office is located in Beijing and is affiliated with the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The Aim of CAA

Abide by the constitution, laws, regulations and state policies, and observe social morality. Implement the guidelines of national science and technology work are independent innovating, key leapfrogging, supporting the development, and leading the future. Promote the spirit of respecting labor, knowledge, talents, creation, and advocating the spirit of "dedication, innovation, truth-seeking, and cooperation". Adhere to the principle of independence and democratic organization, insisted in the policy of "letting one hundred flowers blossom and one hundred schools of thoughts contend". Unite and mobilize associators and scientists to promote the prosperity and development of automation science and technology, and to push forward the growth and improvement of talents in this field, promote the growth and improvement of automation technology talents, and help to combine automation science and technology with economy. Serve for the economy and society, the scientific quality of the whole people, and science and technology workers, and to strengthen the self-construction of itself. Strive for the achievement of China’s great rejuvenation, and build an innovative country and harmonious socialist society.

The Business Scope of CAA

1. Carry out academic exchanges in automation, science, technology and related fields. Exchange scientific and technological information, improve the level of disciplines, promote the development and application of automation science and technology, and promote the cultivation of talents in this field. 

2. Carry out non-governmental international scientific and technological exchanges in automation and related fields, and develop friendly exchanges with foreign scientific and technological groups and workers. Hold various related international academic conferences, lectures, training courses and exhibitions to promote international scientific and technological cooperation. 

3. Promote cooperation and exchanges of automation with organizations in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. 

4. Organize researches on automated science and technology and industrial development strategies; provide advice to government departments. 

5. Organize the editing and publishing of scientific journals, books and essays in automation technology and related fields. 

6. Carry out continuing education and technical training for automation technicians and associators, popularize scientific and technological knowledge, and disseminate advanced production technology and scientific management experience. 

7. To be entrusted with the demonstration, evaluation, consultation, appraisal of scientific and technological achievements, judgments of professional technical qualifications (or positions), editing and reviewing of scientific and technological documents, and formulation of standards in automation science and technology and related fields. 

8. Identify and recommend talents, commend and reward automated scientists and technicians who have made excellent results in scientific and technological activities, and academic staff who have made outstanding achievements in the work of the association. 

9. Hold collective welfare undertakings and activities that serve for associators. 

10. Organize associators to participate in beneficial activities, protect the legitimate rights and interests of associators, and reflect the suggestions and voices of them.

Up to now, CAA has held 11 National Conference of associators. The 1st and 2nd Chairman is Academician Qian Xuesen. The 3rd Chairman is Academician Song Jian. The 4th Chairman is Academician Hu Qiheng. The 5th Chairmen are Academician Hu Qiheng and Yang Jiachi. The 6th Chairmen are Academician Yang Jiachi and Chen Hanfu. The 7th Chairmen are Academician Chen Hanfu and Dai Ruwei. The 8th Chairman is Academician Dai Ruwei. The 9th Chairmen are Academician Dai Ruwei and Sun Youxian. The 10th and 11th Chairman is Academician Zheng Nanning.

Throughout the 50 years since the establishment of CAA, great changes have taken place in the research and development of automatic system engineering in China, which has attracted worldwide attention. The work of CAA has also flourished. The scope of the professional field of it is also becoming more extensive and detailed, which including research and application of automation theory, research, development and application of new automation technology, design, manufacture and test technology of automation equipment and new products, automatic material and process, the application of automation technology and new products in electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, transportation, mine, water conservancy, textile, construction, agriculture, national defense and so on. The organization of the association is becoming more and more specialized, scientific and standardized. Now we have 29 provincial-level associations, 33 professional committees, and 8 working committees, with nearly 30,000 members. These institutions basically cover all levels of automation science and technology in China. The members of this association include academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences in the field of automation science and technology, academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, scientists, experts, professors, engineering and technical personnel, management personnel, and scientific and technological workers, entrepreneurs and management scientists with certain accomplishments in the fields of academic or engineering technology.

Here, we extend the lofty respect to the scientists who have made outstanding contributions to the research of domestic automation system engineering and the construction and development of CAA for 50 years!

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