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Popular Science Education Bases
No. Name No. Name
1 School of Automation, Beijing Institute of Technology 2 Fujian Longhai No. 2 Middle School
3 GuangZhou Asialand System Control Co. Ltd 4 School of Aeronautics, Harbin Institute of Technology
5 Hebei Institute of Automation 6 Heilongjiang Automation and Informatization Science Popularization Exhibition Center
7 School of Automation, Qingdao University 8 Department of Automation, Tsinghua Universit
9 Mitsubishi Electric Automation (China) Ltd 10 Institute of Automation, Shandong Academy of Sciences
11 Das Intelutech Co. Ltd., Shenzhen 12 Shenzhen Jiaxinjie Technology Co., Ltd.
13 Automation Research and Design Institute of Metallurgical Industry 14 State key Laboratory of complex Systems Management and Control, Institute of Automation
15 SUPCON Group Co. Ltd.