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Outstanding Automation Engineer Award

Purpose: To pay attention to China’s enterprises in the automation industry with outstanding innovation capabilities, outstanding industrialization achievements and advanced innovation mechanisms, and commend the best practices in small and micro enterprise, and build a stage for the vast number of applied talents in China’s automation field to show their talent and allow them stand out from the crowd, thus to discover the innovation benchmark in China’s automation, summarize and refine the innovative ideas and successful experiences of Chinese automation companies, inspire the innovation and entrepreneurial enthusiasm of China’s automation industry, enhance the overall innovation level and provide endless power for the development of China’s automation industry.

Ⅰ. Selection scope of the “Outstanding Automation Engineer Award”

1. Citizens of the People’s Republic of China, who love the motherland, abide by the law, with a decent style, and abiding by professional ethics.

2. Candidates should engage in the research and development, application, operation and maintenance, services of automation products and technology for more than 10 years, with professional technical title of engineers and above.

Ⅱ.Selection conditions for the Outstanding Automation Engineer Award

Candidates should work in the field of R&D, production, application, operation and maintenance, and service of automation for a long time, and have outstanding performance. Generally, they should have one of the following conditions:

1. As the main person in charge, participate in enterprise’s science and technology research, new product development, technological innovation and other activities, and obtain advanced and innovative scientific and technological achievements in the industry, which have successfully applied.

2. Host or participate in large-scale engineering construction projects as a technical backbone, achieving important and creative results, and having significant application results.

3. Achieve significant application results, resulting in certain social or economic benefits, in large-scale operation projects or enterprise technological transformation, equipment improvement, and process technology product innovation work.

4. Obtain outstanding achievements in the drafting and promotion of industry technical standards and procedures (norms), resulting in significant economic benefits.

5. Obtain significant achievements in the dissemination of technical knowledge and new technology of the industry and make important contributions to achieving good social or economic benefits.

Ⅲ.Selection criteria for Outstanding Automation Engineer Award

1. Love the automation industry. The applicant has long been dedicated to the automation industry with the quality of dedication, hard work, innovation, pioneering and enterprising, and is committed to promoting the development and progress of China’s automation industry.

2. Performance. The applicant’s industrial performance is outstanding, and it is able to become an industry leader by focusing on the company’s central work and achieving industry-leading and innovative results.

3. Technical ability. Applicants have solid expertise in automation, outstanding technical skills and technical level, and serve as the main person in charge or technical backbone to participate in enterprise science and technology research, product development, technology innovation, project management and other activities.

4. Industry influence. Actively participate in industry associations, societies and social activities to promote the exchange and discussion of advanced technology, experience and ideas in the industry, and have certain popularity and influence in the industry.

Ⅳ. Organizational structure

Sponsor: Chinese Association of Automation

Supported by: China Instrument Manufacturer Association, China Association for Mechatronics Technology and Application

Organizer: Automation Panorama & Control Network (

Review Committee:

President: Dai Ruwei (Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Sun Youxian (Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering)

Zheng Nanning (Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering)

Vice President: Wu Hongxin (Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Song Xiaogang (Executive Vice President of China Machinery Industry Federation, Executive President and Secretary-general of China Robot Industry Alliance)  

Dong Jingchen (Expert of China Engineering Institute Manufacturing Office)

Wang Feiyue (Vice President and Secretary-general of Chinese Association of Automation) 

Yu Haibin (Vice President of Chinese Association of Automation, Director of Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences)


Sun Yanguang (Vice President, Metallurgical Automation Research Institute)

Zhu Qunxiong (Dean of School of Information Science and Technology, Beijing University of Chemical Technology)

Sun Changyin (Dean of the School of Automation, University of Science and Technology Beijing)

Zhang Nan (Full-time Secretary-general of Chinese Association of Automation)

Shi Hongfang (Deputy Secretary-general, Chinese Association of Automation)