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Membership  - Member Registration

Please read the membership conditions carefully and select the type of membership you want to register.

Members applying to join the Association must meet the conditions as following:

(1) recognize the charter of the Association;

(2) have the will to join the Association;

(3) pay the dues as required;

(4) have certain influence in the professional work of the Association and satisfy one of the following specific conditions:

1. Associate Member: Current undergraduate or postgraduate in automation and related majors. (Associate members only pay the one-off registration fee, do not pay dues; associate members have no right to vote and to be elected; the associate member who reaches the academic level of ordinary member could become an ordinary member upon the approval.)

2. Ordinary Member: Professionals engaged in automation and related science and technology, including those engaged in research, development, applications, industry, education, management, media, services, and those in other fields who are interested in automation technology, applications and popularization.

3. Senior Member: Scientific and technical personnel with the membership more than two years; who has a professional title equivalent to an associate professor or above, or has a doctorate in automation; or who has engaged in automation and related industry at least 5 years, and makes outstanding achievements.

4. Foreign member: Foreign professional engaged in automation technology who have high academic achievements and are friendly to China and are willing to maintain contact, exchange and cooperation with this Association.

5. Fellow: Scientific and technical personnel who has outstanding achievements in the field of automation science, and has high academic attainments, and has made significant contributions to scientific research, production, education and management.

6. Corporate member: Enterprises, institutions and related academic societies legally established in China that are engaged in research, production, teaching, service and management in the field of automation and that have a certain number of scientific and technological personnel and are willing to participate in and support the relevant activities of the Association, and pay the dues according to regulations.

All associations of automation on the level of provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government (hereinafter referred to as provincial association) are corporate members of the Association and accept guidance from the Association. Individual members of the provincial association are also members of the Association.

Scholars from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other countries and Chinese scholars living abroad can apply for member, senior member and fellow of the Association.

The following persons are not eligible for membership:

1. The person who serves the sentence during the criminal punishment;

2. The person who has a breach of contract or bad credit record identified by the Association;

3. The person who seriously damage the interests of the Association;

4. The person who does not have the qualification to join after investigation.

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